Premium Kiln Dried

Produced from only using Ash timber from sustainable sources, produces an end product that has less than 20% moisture, for hot slow burning with very little ash.

Premium Kiln Dried wood logs

Bags of Premium Kiln Dried


Moisture content is less than 10% so they burn very hot & clean. In our test 10kg burned for over 30 hours in a 5Kw stove. Sold in 10 & 20kg packs which provide the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output.

HOTMAX briquettes by the bag

HOTMAX Fuel logs


Pre-packed split softwood and hardwood pieces, an essential for getting any fire and fuel started. Not available as a pallet delivery.

Large bags of Kindling

Large Bags of Kindling

Collect from the Stove Gallery / Pete the Sweep - Harrogate

Fuel by the Bag / No of Bags 1 3 6 10
Premium Kiln Dried 10kg* Collect in Store Only Try me Offer £6.50 £18.00 £35.00 £55.00
HOTMAX Fuel logs 20Kg Collect in Store Only Try me Offer £10.00 £25.00 £45.00 £70.00
Kindling Collect in Store Only Try me Offer £4.75 £12.00 £22.00 £35.00

Pallet Delivery - Call - 01423 88 77 99 - to Order

Premium Kiln Dried ** Per Pallet
1 x bulk bag Delivery North & West Yorkshire Only New Low Price 2019 £149 inc VAT & delivery
2 x bulk bag Delivery North & West Yorkshire Only New Low Price 2019 £279 inc VAT & delivery
HOTMAX Fuel logs
48 x 20 kg packs @ £5.50 each
Delivery Nationwide £275 inc VAT & delivery
* Ready to use - Premium Kiln Dried quoted is an average weight of 10kg
** Distance/Quantity limits on Kiln dried wood, please check at time of order - 1 pallet bag up-to 20 miles of Harrogate 4 pallet bags 20 miles & over.
Premium Kiln Dried can also delivered in 10kg bags at 10 bag rate minimum of 70 bags (eg £385 for 70 bags)
ON SITE STACKING SERVICE (Kiln dried only) additional £5 Per bulk bag (please pre order)

All deliveries will be left on the pallet.

NOTE on Nationwide Pallet Deliveries - There must be lorry access & space to unload the pallet. Steep or gravel drives can be a problem. Please advise us if unsure.

Couriers should call beforehand to confirm delivery time. Pallet delivery is by third party contractors, not employed by ourselves, and therefore can be be subject to delay or other factors outside of our control.

See our Range of Log Stores for your wood - Log Stores Leaflet

Kiln dried logs by the pallet bag

Pallet Bags of Premium Kiln Dried wood

HOTMAX Fuel logs by the pallet

HOTMAX Fuel logs