General Chimney and Stove Care package terms and conditions

1. Please refer to our general terms and conditions which also apply to the Chimney and Stove Care packages.

2. Each package applies to one specific appliance in the property. Where there is more than one appliance needing to be covered, a combination of packages can be purchased.

3. All inclusive replacement parts and discounts only apply while a valid package is in force.

4. Where multiple packages or offers are in place, only the highest discount will apply. Discounts cannot be added together.

5. All packages require either an annual or monthly standing order being set up.

6. All chimney care packages are subject to a 14 day cooling off period during which they can be cancelled without incurring any charges. However, if any of the services have been utilised or products purchased during that period a charge will need to be raised as if the package was not in place. Introductory pack gift sets should be returned if cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period.

7. The chimney care package is subject to a 12 month minimum contract, thereafter it will run until the standing order is cancelled.

8. Providing we have not visited to carry out any work, a care package can be up or downgraded within 2 months of starting. They can then be changed once every 12 months.

9. If you cancel your package early and we have not visited in the last 9 months, no cancellation fee will be due. However, if we have visited, the remainder of the 12 month term will be due.

10. For the purposes of cancellation, please notify us prior to midday (12.00pm) on the last day of your annual contract.

11. Under the package we will make contact with you to arrange the service/sweep at a convenient time. This will normally be during the warmer months of the year, but is dependent upon what point in a given year the contract commenced.

12. Spare parts covered by the Essential and Complete discount schemes are: Heat resistant door glass & clips, rope seals, sealants, heat resistant paint, baffle plates, insulation bricks, grates, ash cans, fire bars.

13. Parts excluded from either spares discount or free replacement under the Care Package include:

  1. The main fabric of the stove such as: The stove body, legs, doors, door handles, hinges, ceramic, soapstone or glass casing panels, thermostatic controls.
  2. The following are classed as Accessories and additions: Thermometers, stove and circulatory fans and ducts, kettles, trivets, companion sets, log baskets.
  3. Any components connected to a water supply such as: boilers, boiler controls and any plumbing connected to the stove.
  4. Fireplace components such as: surrounds, mantles, beams, hearths and back panels.
  5. Flue components such as: stove pipe, closure/register/debris plates, flue liner, support components and connectors, chimney breast, stack and chimney pots.
  6. Any labour element installing parts not covered by the package will be chargeable

14. If appliance parts are required to be fitted and the appliance has not been swept for 6 months we will carry out the annual sweep service while fitting the parts.

15. We will endeavour to make contact with you at least twice in order to arrange to service/sweep your appliance, if however we are unable arrange a sweep in a 12 month period no refund of package fees will be due.

16. Where we are not notified of parts required prior to our visit we reserve the right to post to you at our expense for you to fit them, or you to pay for a call out for us to fit.

17. Replacement parts will be to manufacturer’s specification (or better) but not necessarily directly from the manufacturer.

18. For replacement part prices please see our website. Where part prices are not listed, we will revert to manufacturer’s RRP.

19. Where parts are no longer available or difficult to obtain, we will endeavour to substitute where possible but this may incur additional charges.

20. Where we need to employ a 3rd party to carry out work to facilitate fitting spares, their costs (as well as the cost of removing and refitting the stove where this is required in extreme cases) will be chargeable. Examples of this could include seized handles which need cutting off, rusted clips which need drilling out and re-tapping.

21. Pete the Sweep reserves the right to cancel a care package at any time.

22. All prices include VAT where applicable.

Additional terms and conditions for the Complete Chimney and Stove Care package:

  1. Prior to accepting a Complete Chimney and Stove Care package we may need to sweep your chimney which is chargeable and carry out a full inspection which includes a free smoke test to BS6164 (subject to available access) .
  2. Where a Complete Chimney and Stove Care package is in place, replacement parts required due to misuse, not operating as per the manufacturer’s instructions or incorrect fuel will be excluded.
  3. Where we have established that there has been misuse of the appliance you will be notified of this and how this may restrict the number of free callouts we are prepared to make and what replacement parts are excluded.
  4. Unlimited call outs are subject to us trying to resolve issues over the phone first.
  5. Free replacement bird guards relate to bird guards originally supplied and fitted by ourselves. Where no (or inadequate) bird protection is in place, removal of vermin or blockages from the flue are excluded from the inclusive callouts.
  6. Unlimited call outs exclude day to day maintenance such as cleaning glass, ash and fly ash.
  7. Free replacement bird guard assumes ladder access is possible. Additional access equipment would be chargeable.
  8. Cosmetic issues such as marking of the stove will not be eligible to a free call out but will be resolved where possible at time of annual service. Where marking of the stove body has occurred this must be notified prior to any visit as we may require additional materials prior to our visit.
  9. The complete care package has a maximum limit of spares and labour at retail price in any rolling 12 months not exceeding £500.

These terms and conditions may change or are updated from time to time.

Last updated 22/05/2019